Enabling Research
Away from the sea Elin Haf has dedicated herself to her career in child health.  

She has close to twenty years experience working to develop new and emerging drug treatments for rare diseases in children. Based on her experience, and the need to improve the drug development pathway Elin Haf founded aparito. A digital health company developing digitial biomarkers to monitor patients remotely and in real time. 

Dr Elin Haf Davies’ qualifications:
  • Diploma of Higher Education Child Health and Paedaitrics (Registered Nurse) – Great Ormond Street Hospital.
  • BSc Hons (Neuroscience Nursing) – Southbank University, London.
  • MSc (Merit) Research Methods – City University, London.  
  • PhD (Neurometabolics) – University College London

Here is a selection of Elin's scientific journals:
Davies EH, Seunarine KK, Banks T, Clark CA, Vellodi A.
Brain white matter abnormalities in paediatric Gaucher Type I and Type III using diffusion tensor imaging.
J Inherit Metab Dis..2011 Feb 12

Davies EH, Ollivier CM, Saint Raymond A.
Paediatric investigation plans for pain: painfully slow!
Eur J Clin Pharmacol. 2010 Nov;66(11):1091-7.
Davies EH, Tuleu C.
Medicines for children: a matter of taste.
J Pediatr. 2008 Nov;153(5):599-604
The selection and use of essential medicines.WHO Expert Committee.
World Health Organ Tech Rep Ser. 2008;(950):backcover, vii-174.
Davies EH, Erikson A, CollinHisted T, Mengel E, Tylki-Szymanska A, VellodiA.
Outcome of type III Gaucher disease on enzyme replacement therapy: review of 55 cases.
J Inherit Metab Dis. 2007 Nov;30(6):935-42.
Davies EH, Surtees R, DeVile C, Schoon I, Vellodi A.
A severity scoring tool to assess the neurological features of neuronopathic Gaucher disease.
J Inherit Metab Dis. 2007 Oct;30(5):768-82.  
Davies EH, Molloy A
Comparison of ethyl chloride spray with topical anaesthetic in children experiencing venepuncture.
Paediatr Nurs. 2006 Apr;18(3):39-43.

Elin Haf's other passion is to inspire children, especially those with chronic life-long and life-limiting conditions to have the confidence to take charge of their own circumstance.
Many children and young people with chronic illnesses experience low self-esteem and can suffer from depression. Elin encourages children to be more pro-active, by having the confidence to speak out when it comes to important decisions about their health needs and treatment. She has worked with the Gaucher AssociationERIC and Findacure to run workshops for young people.


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