‘Ar Fôr Tymhestlog’ was released in Welsh in 2011 and was listed for the Welsh Book of the Year.  It was then translated to English and published in 2012.

‘On Tempestuous Seas’ tells the story of two of Elin's ocean crossings and describes how she has combined her passion for adventure with her professional and personal life.
When it was released at the
National Geographic Store in London, it set a new record for the highest number of books sold in one night at the store.
‘A’r Fôr Tymhestlog’ and 'On Tempestuous Seas' can be purchased online from or by contacting Elin directly
Elin's third book, Blwyddyn y Fflam, also in Welsh, is a 12-month diary of Elin's adventures leading up to the 2012 London Olympics, including her sailing adventures across the Pacific Ocean.


Inspirational Speaker

Nothing is as compelling as a story of endurance, perseverance and triumph, told by the person who lived through it.
Elin captivates her audience by recounting her experiences at sea and it is impossible not to be moved and inspired by her obvious strength of character and determination.

She has a flair for public speaking, impassioned by her love of the ocean and her adventures. Her stories, told with warmth and humour, amaze and entertain audiences of all ages and from all walks of life.

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